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Get Weaving – it’s easy!

Weaving with forked sticks as a loom.

Getting started with weaving doesn’t require expensive looms. You can easily make your own looms from what you find in the garden. I have used forked sticks often. The irregularities of the distance add interest and a challenge. Weaving can be a problem solving activity. 
Handwoven magazine have a detailed article to get you started:

Home made frame looms

A cheap painting canvas can be easily turned into a loom. 

Easy Bracelet Loom

This little loom is one I’ve used in many of my childrens workshops:

Twining the warp

I often do not add nails to my simple frame looms and will instead twine to set may warp. Saves me banging in all those nails!

Weaving for calm

Weaving is calming, creative and even mediative. The rhythm of the under, over.
I don’t plan me little weavings. I just go for it. A huge pile of left over yarns dumped on the table beside me.
The basics are easy don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s only yarn and no one has to see it.
I often tell my students it’s very much like colouring books for adults, but better.
There are many basic how to get started videos and pdfs are available online.

A great little guide for some weaving techniques to try …


I have run many workshops on weaving on Frame looms. One of my favourite workshops to run. There’s nothing like getting together with other creative souls and playing. It’s the social connection that I remember and the laughter for each of these.

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