Van Life

Van Life is a lifestyle that is growing. Many vanlifers buy and convert old vans to live in, part time or full time.

We cheated, Peter and I bought our van converted by The Campervan Man in Adelaide. Arne’s is a business that has had to pivot with the Covid19 pandemic. No longer are the backpackers coming to Australia, Arne is now selling his vans to those of us who want to get out and explore our beautiful country, now overseas holidays are not possible.

Our van I’ve named “Betsy”, she’s a 2004 Volkswagon LT35. She’s kitted out with a comfortable bed, kitchen and 12 Volt solar power. Betsy had her first adventures this weekend.

After closing the shop on Saturday, Peter and I took Betsy out to White Cliffs Reserve. 

It was cold but beautiful. We woke to birdsong. A leisurely morning of breakfast, a walk and some crochet while listening to the birds before we hit the road to explore the neighbouring towns of Koolunga and Redhill.

We’ve never been to any of these towns before and really enjoyed exploring them. Both are a walk back in time. The old buildings are fascinating. Redhill also has a free overnight stop, we have plans to go back.

After lunch we headed out to check out Bowman Park, also another free overnight RV  campsite. I had been there about 10 years ago when I used to run. I ran a pretty challenging 10km’s through the hills there. We arrived to find the park very busy. The new nature play space was open and there were many families out enjoying the new garden.

I found some weaving!!

Peter and I spent awhile exploring the old buildings and the gardens. Before heading home. Bowman Park is also on the list of places to camp at in the near future.

Once home, I dropped off Peter and picked up Fern and headed out to Port Pirie and Nelshaby

Fern and I did some shopping and had dinner in Port Pirie and headed out to Lawrie Park at Nelshaby for the night. Another free campsite. We woke to the stunning views of the Flinders Rangers.

The adventures are just beginning!

I came home today feeling like I had had a holiday. Feeling connected to the land, being out in nature away from the house. Spending alone time with Peter and then with Fern.

And I took my crochet with me!


2 thoughts on “Van Life”

  1. So glad that you and hubby are taking time out . We all need to smell the roses.
    I will tell the girls at spinning (Edithburgh) that you are going to keep the shop going .We were disappointed that you might close but totally understood why. Big Hugs Teena.


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