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Stick Weaving – School Holiday Crafts

I haven’t played with stick weaving for a long while. I was tiding up the store room and came across the sets of weaving sticks Peter had made for me, to use in a workshop I was teaching at the Clare Out Of School Hours Care.

When I first opened the shop I did a few stick weaving classes for children. It’s fun to play with as an adult too. I’ve made chair pads, mats, bowls and these cute little dolls.

Today I spent a little while revisiting a fun craft and remembered how I had made these little dolls. I have used self covered buttons in the past with faces drawn on them to embellish them.

They make lovely Worry Dolls.

A Blast from the past!

And way back in 2009 I had fun with my own children!

Both Rose and Fern are now adults. I wrote The Mad Quilter Blog for many years, my kids love searching through it and reading about their childhood adventures.

Making the Sticks

Made from 6mm dowel –

  1. Cut  dowel 15 – 20 cms in length
  2. Drill a 2.5 mm hole at one end.
  3. Sharpen the other end with a pencil sharpener.
  4. Thread some long lengths of yarn through the sticks and you’re ready to go.


Some Links to be inspired to try your own stick weaving..

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Weaving with Straws

A faster way to get started is to use straws instead of dowels. I prefer the dole as it is rigid and I find them easier to hold and weave around.

Straw Weaving (Weaving on Drinking Straws)

Straw Weaving Instructions | How to Weave with Drinking Straws and Yarn




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