Making Order from chaos.

For me weaving is about the doing, the making not the finished product.

I have a box in The Studio filled with little weavings. My weavings will never hang on a wall or displayed for all to see. They occasionally make an appearance when I teach a frame loom class. I put them in the centre of the tables for the participants to use for inspiration for their own pieces. Students will point to sections and ask me how I did that and I show them individually how that technique is worked.

They are studies in colour, texture, technique and shape. The product of my need to create, to play. Never created with the end in mind. For me they are like playing with crayons as a child. I warp up a loom and let the weave, weave it’s magic over me. I pull out scraps of yarn, colours and textures. Playing as I go and filling the warp until my spirit is content.

All represent emotion, they are about making order from chaos in my mind. They have no use, no function apart from bringing me fulfilment and peace.

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