Felted Yarn Bowls


Today I have released my latest class Felted Yarn Bowls.

This class is perfect for a beginner who has never tried felting before.

You will need

  • old towels
  • hot water and access to water.
  • soap and detergent
  • large bowl
  • bottle with a sprinkle top – Powerade bottles work well
  • resist material.
  • 70 grams of Corriedale wool fibre batt or slivers, split into two 35 grams
  • lots of soft plastic to use for blocking.
  • a waterproof apron, if you prefer not to get wet
  • scissors
  • netting fabric
  • bubble wrap
  • kitchen scales


  • Give yourself a good four hours.
  • Felting requires a good amount of physical work.


  • Work at a bench which is a suitable height.
  • Use your whole body, not just your arms in the felting. Move from the hips rather than the shoulders.
  • Ensure the area is suitable to have water spilled.
  • Be mindful of any slipping hazards.
  • Ensure water is not that hot it will burn.




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