Monday Updates

Monday Update

How the world can change in such a small amount of time.

I’m still a little shell shocked and trying my best to adjust to everything that has happened in the last few weeks. I’m cycling through emotions of grief like many. The routines I knew are gone and I have to build new routines. The shop I have worked five years to build is now closed. I’m only going in twice a week to process orders. one moment I’m crying and it’s all coming to an end, I’m catastrophising the future. The next moment sees me putting on my big girl pants and thinking of ways to adapt to what may be my new routine for a long while.

There are been some lovely moments as my life slows down. All my children are home and so far they have been mostly getting along. I’ve had time to crochet. And I’ve had time to think.

I spent yesterday putting together a new class. If you or your children are looking for something to do. There is now a Learn to Crochet Class on Thinkific, for now it is free. My little effort to help others who are home and now have the time to learn new skills.

I do have kits for the class for sale on the store.

Learn To Crochet Kits

Find my new class

Once you have finished the Learn To Crochet class you will have all the skills you need to enrol in my Learn to Crochet Hats class.


I hope you are all keeping well.




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