30,000 plus Years and still going strong.

It’s one of our oldest technologies. Passed from generation to generation. It has physically shaped us. We no longer have hair to keep us warm, we have the dexterity in our fingers. It’s a craft that has evolved with us. A craft that connects us to the earliest humans. A thread through time and history. Who was that very first person who thought to weave together the grasses to make baskets? who was that first person who spun the fibres to make yarn? and who was it that wove that first cloth? The cloth that kept generations upon generations warm and no longer requiring the hair on our bodies for warmth?

Generations of spinning spindles to make yarn. Adding dexterity to our fingers and hands. I truely believe there is a part of ourselves that inherently knows how to learn the skill of making with fibres. For me learning to spin was a form of magic, it is so soothing and feels like coming home.

Passing on these skills to the next generations is vital to me. It is something I need to do. Maybe that is also an inherent drive? The need to teach and pass forward to the next generation the skills of the last.

My passions for yarn crafts and teaching is something I have had since childhood. I’ve always been driven by the ‘a-ha’ moment. The moment where the frustration of learning something new falls away and you get ‘it’. As an educator it’s as fulfilling to me as it is to those I teach. A moment shared and remembered. I remember who taught me to knit, it brings forth fond memories and family stories. The Nan I always remember with knitting needles in her hands.

Online School

Starting the online school gives me the opportunity to bring my two passions together. My love of yarn and fibre and my love of connecting with people and being a part of their ‘a-ha’ moments. Passing on skills handed down from generation to generation by the women in my family. Hopefully I will teach someone who will go on to pass the skills I teach onto the generations to come in their family.
I’ve been spent many hours working on content for the first paid class. Crochet Beanies is a class I have taught many times face to face. Putting this class into the digital world has been a project of love and passion. I have added so much more into it than the face to face classes allowed for. The digital class can be worked at your own pace and as a teacher I can share the content and know that when you are ready to move on the information is still there for you. I want my school to be as hands on and supported as my classes are in the face to face delivery.


I choose Thinkific as my classroom. It is easy for learners to connect with me and get support if they need it. learners can progress at their own pace. If they get stuck and live close by they can pop into the shop for help. If they live further away I’m a message away.

I have so many ideas for classes, so much I want to share! So much I want to be passed on to the generations to come.
The launch date for the first paid class is not far away now. Every time I think I’ve finished with the content I have another idea and add more to the hat class. What was going to be a simple class to make a simple beanie is now huge. I have crocheted 26 beanies so far! recorded hours and hours of video. Spent at least three times those hours in editing the video.

Interactive and personal

A fabulous bonus is the beanie class is not a static class! if you get in there and tell me you need more, I can add more! Unlike YouTube, everything is there. No need to search to find the ‘good’ stuff. All for the price of a single pattern on Ravelry! and less than the price for a meal.
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