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Little Purse

I wrote this little pattern for my beginning knitting class. They had all learned to knit and purl and now it was time to learn to make stocking stitch, decrease and make yarn overs.

This fun little project isn’t a slave to gauge always a help for new knitters who haven’t yet spent the hours and hours of knitting needed to establish their tension.

This little purse is about 5cms square and achievable in a two hour lesson, for those who have done their homework! (not naming names)

A very handy tiny purse to stash away a small love token, lunch money or emergency bus fare. Maybe even keep some tiny earbuds in.


8 ply yarn (10gms)
4mm needles


Cast on 15 sts

Rows 1&2 knit
Row 3 purl
Row 4 knit

Repeat row 3 & 4 six more times

Row 17 purl side facing knit (fold line)
Row 18 knit
Row 19 purl

Repeat row 18 &19 six more times

Row 31 knit side facing, purl
Row 32 purl two together (p2tog) purl to end (14sts)
Row 33 knit two together (k2tog) knit to end (13sts)

Repeat Rows 32 and 33 twice more (9sts)

Row 38 p2tog, p to end (8 sts)
Row 39 k2tog, k 2, yo, k2tog, knit to end (7sts)
Row 40 p2tog purl to end (6 sts)
Row 41 k2tog knit to end (5 sts)

Cast off



Seam sides

Sew button onto front.

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