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Sweet Heart Beanie

I love a fast knit and no seaming! Patons Inca is so soft and squishy. A lovely blend of wool, alpaca and acrylic this beanie will be warm as toast on a minters morning in Clare.

I was fortunate enough to get a couple of test knitters. Thank you to Zoe, who enthusiastically knit two beanies!

I really enjoy knitting hats and beanies. They are the only items I will knit on commission for others.

Kits available for $20 plus postage:


Patons Inca 50gm balls. 1 ball of 2 colours. Dark and Light


  • 6mm, 40cm circular needles,
  •  7mm, 40cm circular needles, 
  • 7mm double pointed needles for reducing crown.


  • Stitch markers
  • blunt end tapestry needle


13sts x 18 rows to 10cms square over stocking stitch on 7mm needles


  • wyif – with yarn in front
  • sl – slip
  • k- knit
  • p – knit
  • rnd- round
  • k2tog – knit two together


With 6mm needles Cast on 64sts with dark yarn and join in round. Place stitch marker to mark beginning of round.


Work 12 rounds of (k2,P2) rib


Changing to 7mm needles and Light yarn

Rnd 1-4 Knit

Change to dark yarn ( do not cut light, carry yarn up)

Rnd 5 (sl1, wyif , p1) to end

Rnd 6 (sl1, wyif, k1) to end

Rnds 7 & 8 Knit

Repeat rnds 1- 8 twice more for a total of 3 repeats

Crown ( change to DPNS when needed)

With Light Yarn

Rnd 1 (k6, k2tog) around (56)

Rnd 2 knit

Rnd 3 (k5, k2tog) around (48)

Rnd 4 knit

With dark yarn

Rnd 5 (sl1, wyif, p1) to end

Rnd 6 (wyif sl1, k1) to end

Rnd 7 knit

Rnd 8 (k4, k2tog) around (40)

With light yarn

Rnd 9 knit

Rnd 10 (k3, k2tog) around (32)

Rnd 11 knit

Rnd 12 (k2, k2tog) around (24)

With dark yarn

Rnd 13 (wyif sl1, p1) around

Rnd 14 (wyif sl, k1) around

Rnd 15 (k1, k2tog) (16)

Rnd 16 (k2tog) (8)


Break yarn and thread tail through remaining stitches and gather.

Weave in ends.

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