The I and the We of it.

A lovely benefit of being a one person business is not having to be a ‘we’ but to be an ‘I’. To speak for myself not for others.  I don’t have to hide behind the ‘we’. I don’t have to pretend I’m bigger and more important than others. I don’t have to put a distance between me and the person I do business with.

When you buy from Knit Spin Weave, you buy from me. When you have a problem I fix it, I take ownership of it. You get to deal with someone who owns their business and their actions.

I hope you never hear me say ‘we’ in relation to Knit Spin Weave. Knit Spin Weave is me, I am a sole trader. There are no other owners. I have helpers and when I speak of them I use their name. When you purchase from Knit Spin Weave you buy from a ‘me” not a ‘we.’

What’s the difference?

When I ring a business and I get told, “We are working on it.” It’s impersonal. The person on the other end of the phone is not taking ownership of addressing my enquire.

The use of the ‘we’ is often used to distance others from their actions. It’s a way to shift the responsibility for the action and to not take ownership of it. Especially when you have a complaint. “We don’t take returns”, might be a response in a larger business. The ‘We’ is hard to fight, as you have no idea who has made the decision not to accept the return! In my business I am an ‘I’ and you know who to talk to about that decision. I can’t and don’t hide behind the ‘we’.


“Yes, I have noticed there are three classes of people who always say ‘we’ instead of ‘I.’ They are emperors, editors and men with a tapeworm.”

US senator Roscoe Conkling 1877

Beware the “Royal We”: Everyone Benefits When You Speak Only for Yourself

There’s only one acceptable time to use the royal “we”

Why we?

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