It seemed like a good idea…

I am myopic, short sighted. My close up vision is excellent, unfortunately anything further away than a metre is a blur of colour and shapes. Often when people enter the shop I’m not wearing my glasses so I don’t recognise them until they get closer. Often I sort of guess who it is by the shape and colours but facial features are flat and blurred to me.

As most of my crafting is close to me I don’t wear my glasses, as they blur my close vision. So rather than spend half my day searching for my glasses I wear them around my neck with a cord.

Listening to ABC radio this afternoon there was a conversation on glasses cords. Some saying they wouldn’t wear them as it is a reflection of their age! Others saying how glasses chains are now ‘hip’ to wear and fashion statements.

So there I was, a crochet hook in hand and a plain old cord around my neck….

Let’s say the results weren’t pretty! A case of just because you can doesn’t mean you should.




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