The Friendship Scarf

What makes a friendship?

Friendships I find hard to define. What makes someone a friend? And how is that different from an acquaintance? There have been friendships that have ended and ones started in unexpected ways. Throughout my life people have popped in and out. Some have been very close at times, then not so. Friendships, like the ripples of this scarf, have ups and downs, beginnings and ends.

I was going to call this Kate’s scarf. Kate pops in most Tuesdays and firmly guides me into cleaning up. She has a gift I lack of organisation, developed after years of being the head of an educational institution. I’ve known Kate for at least 22 years.  Leslie came into my life via a Ravelry group, prior to opening the shop. Our friendship was grown over cups of coffee and chats in the shop.

My shop very much is about people and friendships. It has always put people first. I will admit there are days when I’m not as kind and helpful as I should be. When I say the wrong things or am down. I am a flawed human being and my customer service at times can reflect this! What is heartwarming is that I do get forgiven and people come back. We all have bad days.

Why the friendship scarf?

It took three of us to make this pattern. Kate loves the crochet cowl I designed in the Uneek and prefers to knit. She asked me to design a knit version. I did, and it sat on the table for weeks half knit. Leslie came in offered to test knit and when she returned with the scarf completed, saw my half finished scarf still sitting there. With a roll of her eyes she offered to take it home and finish it. Leaving her finished one here for me to photograph.


Yarn: Uneek Fingering 100gms 400m

Needles: 3.5mm

Measures: 14cm x 180cms


  • To adjust the width of the scarf, cast on a multiple of 12 sts, plus 3 sts.
  • Place a stitch marker or safety pin on the Row 2 side, to help keep track.
  • A ‘lifeline’ is handy if you keep losing your place. (Pop in the shop and I will show you how)


  • k – knit
  • yo – yarn over
  • k2tog – knit two together
  • k2togtbl – knit two together through back loop
  • st, sts – stitch, stitches
  • sl – slip
  • sl2tog – slip two stitches together, as if to knit. (double decrease)


Cast on 51sts

Row 1:   knit

Row 2:  K1, k2tog, * k4, (k1,yo,k1 in same st) , k4, (sl2tog, k1, pass the 2 sl sts over); rep from * to last 3 sts, k2togtbl, k1.

Repeat row 1 and 2 until desired length.

Cast off loosely.


Thank you Kate and Leslie for your friendship. Thank you to new friends Alex and Julie, who brought cake and spent the day having a tea party yesterday! The talented Bridgette who I spent some fun hours with planning, dreaming and chasing toddlers.

2 thoughts on “The Friendship Scarf”

  1. This scarf is absolutely gorgeous Tracy
    (Don’t know why I had not seen this one sooner)

    Even with our flaws we are beautiful, and the way we’re meant to be. And it is so so lovely to have friends xx

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