Going Small


New Years, new beginnings.

2020 will bring yet another change of direction for Knit Spin Weave. I am going small.

Going Small

I am reducing many of the lines I carry. And refocusing to support Australian Distributors. Who like me are doing it tough.  Apart from Ashford, Urth and Mirrix I will no longer be purchasing my stock from overseas distributors.

I choose to support local

I choose to support local, just as I ask my customers to do. Scheepjes, Fyberspates, Chiaogoo and HiyaHiya are all coming in from oversea.  Resulting in more of our money going out of the country. Plus they are shipped here in small batches, adding to the environmental strains caused by transportation.

Supporting Australian Distributors

Australian Distributors import in larger amounts and keep more of the money here in Australia. I can not ethically ask my customers to support local when I choose not to and there are excellent alternatives offered by local distributors.

Looking After The Pence

My nan used to say, “Look after the pence and the pounds will look after themselves.” Meaning if we focus on the small things  it will make a big difference in the end.

What this all means

Sales!! In January the sales will be in store only. In February I will be offering some exciting bargain packages online.

The Future

Once I’ve cleared many of the overseas imported items. I will have more room to add exciting local distributor lines. Being local distributors, reordering will be easier and I can get the webstore back up and maintaining it will be easier.


(Amazing what a good sleep in can do!)


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