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Urchin Stitch Dishcloth and Washcloth (Crochet)

Urchin Stitch Dishcloth.

I do love a good old stitch dictionary. The stitch for this dishcloth/washcloth comes from my rather tattered and well worn Tricot Encyclopaedia Of  Knitting and Crochet stitches.

To mirror the last row on these cloths. I rejoin yarn to the starting chain and work a row of the pattern. Not really necessary but does look nice.

What’s the difference between a dishcloth and washcloth?

I think it’s a combination of softness and thickness. I’ve been making my Dishcloth with Finch a soft, unmercerised 10ply cotton. My washcloth I make with a thinner yarn, giving them more drape and less bulk.

Do you think there’s a difference?

64 days to Autumn

I am counting the days down. we are only a third of the way through summer and already I am heat exhausted and rather exasperated. with days on end in the big 30’s and low 40’s C and the minimum night temperatures not giving much respite. At least I can sit in front of the fan and distract myself.


Yarn: Fiddlesticks Finch 10ply Cotton(Dishcloth) Fiddlesticks Cedar bamboo & cotton (washcloth)
Hook: 4.5mm (dishcloth) 3.5mm (washcloth)
Size  24cm x 24cm Dishcloth; 20cm x 20cm washcloth


Chain 26
R1 1ch [miss 1st st (1dc,2ch,1dc) in next st] repeat to end.
R2 and following rows 1ch, in  each 2ch space work (1dc, 2ch, 1dc)
Repeat R2 until work is square. Break yarn and finish

Rejoin yarn to beginning of foundation chain with slipstitch. Work R1 across ch. Break yarn and finish.

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