What is Startitis?

I am restless. ‘Startitis’ has hit. Startist is that urge to abandon all my current projects and start something new.  Startitis is such a well known crafting malady that it has its own definition in the Urban Dictionary.

Startitis: noun – Repeatedly starting new projects while still having multiple uncompleted projects.

Uncompleted projects …

I’ve fallen out of love with a few projects of late. They are hidden in bags in my office and in the bedroom at home. The problem is everything I’m starting isn’t soothing the restlessness.

My two Rozetta blankets are both halted at weeks 3, I was so bored of trebles. My Briar Rose is hidden somewhere, the counting was irritating me.  I have two pairs of half made crochet fingerless mitts, with half patterns written. There are also two pairs of socks incomplete on the table, both destined for Peter one day.

I’ve picked up my Carnival of Flowers this morning and decided I don’t like it. I’m going to improvise a border and call it finished. The holes around the flowers make it unsuitable as a baby blanket, Baby fingers and limbs might get caught, but I lack the love to make it bigger and turn it into a throw. I may do a little hack and crochet to fill in the spaces.

What causes Startitis?

I’m a process maker, I make for the enjoyment of making not for the finished product. Resulting in a lack of motivation to finish.

I also wonder if  my constant use of social media is partly to blame for my current malaise. The scrolling and stopping and scrolling again, reducing my ability to stay focused on one task for any length of time?

I’ve been off designing new things, some aren’t going to ever be finished. A few others made it to the blog. This restless makes it hard to stick to anything for any length of time right now. I need projects that are instant gratification. Dish cloths, wash cloths, mitts and hats.

My Bee Mine Hat  has two samples knit and a pattern in testing but I still need to look at the layout and self edit. I need to come up with a template to make my pattern writing less repetitive.

Is there a cure?

Reducing my Works in Progress, will help the feeling of overwhelm. This morning I’m pulling out my projects and deciding if I:

  1. can finish it?
  2. can gift it?
  3. can reclaim the yarn? (frog it)

Time for a little self care, meditation, better sleep and a break from the screens. I’ve asked Miranda of Bowerbird Solutions to take over the social media for a few days and removed Instagram and Facebook from my phone. If you need me email. Miranda will forward on any messages that need to be answered.

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