Seeing Stars Beanie

I designed this beanie about 2 years ago, it’s been sitting on my computer since. Designed to showcase the lovely yarn from Squiggle Yarn Co. Highly variegated yarns can be intimidating to use. They need a pattern that is simple enough to let the yarn be the hero and provide places for the eye to rest. The star stitch used comes from a lovely old stitch dictionary, Mon Tricot.


Yarn A (Plain)  50 gms 8ply yarn ( Wool Organics 8ply)

Yarn B (variegated) 50gm 8ply hand dyed yarn, (Squiggle Yarn Co. 8ply)


4.0 mm 40cm circular needles

4.0 mm double pointed needles


Measures 6 stars to the 10 cms


Height 22cm (8 1/4 “) Brim to crown

Circumference unstretched 42cm (17″)

Fits 56cm, (22”) head fits comfortably snug and covers the ears.

Suggested Adjustments:

Add a multiple of 4 sts to make bigger. Adjustments to crown decreases will be needed, or gather in more stitches at the crown.

Knitting on 4.5mm needles will also increase the size. Without a need to adjust stitch count.

Using a 10ply yarn and 5mm will also make the beanie bigger.


k- knit; p – purl

Special stitches:

Star – Knit 3 together, without removing needle, yarn over and knit 3 together in same space, resulting in 3 sts .


Carry yarn through colour changes 



With Yarn A Cast on 112 stitches

Join in the round, being careful not to twist. Place marker, marking beginning of round.

Work brim in Yarn A, (k1,p1) rib until work measures 6cm.


Rnd 1 Yarn A knit

Rnd 2 Yarn A (Star, k1) repeat to end of round

Rnd 3 Yarn B knit

Rnd 4 Yarn B remove marker, slip 1 st replace marker, (k1, Star) repeat until end of round, work last star, remove marker, slip last st of star on right hand needle onto left hand needle, replace marker

Repeat Rnd 1 to 4 for a total of eight times

Crown, moving to double pointed needles when needed.

Rnd 1:  Yarn A (k12, k2tog) 8 decreases (104)

Rnd 2:  Yarn A (star, k1)

Rnd 3:  Yarn B (k11, K2tog) (96)

Rnd 4:  Yarn B (k1, star)

Rnd 5:  Yarn A ( k10, K2tog) (88)

Rnd 6:  Yarn A (star, k1)

Rnd 7:  Yarn B (K9, K2tog) (80)

Rnd 8:  Yarn B (k1, star)

Rnd 9:  Yarn A (K8, K2tog)  (72)

Rnd 10:  Yarn A (star, k1)

Rnd 11:  Yarn B (K7, K2tog) (64)

Rnd 12:  Yarn B (k1, star)

Rnd 13:  Yarn A (K6, K2tog) (56)

Rnd 14:  Yarn A (star, k1)

Rnd 15:  Yarn B (K5, K2tog) (48)

Rnd 16:  Yarn B (k1, star)

Rnd 17:  Yarn A (K4, K2tog) (40)

Rnd 18:  Yarn A (star, k1)

Rnd 19:  Yarn B K2 tog to end  (20)

Rnd 20:  Yarn B K2 tog to end (10)


Break yarns, leaving 30cm tails

Thread Yarn B tail through last 10sts and pull tight. Sew securely to fasten.

Weave in tails securely.



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