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Project guilt

Do you suffer?

I start all enthused about the latest project and as it drags on the enthusiasm wanes. It starts to be a chore not a delight. I started not one but two Rozettas. All fired up for the first two weeks. Come the third week it was beginning to be less of a pleasure and I realised I had taken on more than I really could cope with. Keeping up with two CALs, running a business and a large family to boot. So I made the decision to focus on one only for now… And I haven’t even done that. I’ve procrastinated and picked up my hooks and needles to make projects I can finish in a day.

Instead of working on Rozetta, I designed the fingerless house mitts and published them. I knitted and crocheted up yarn kits from magazines. My ‘stick-to-it-ness ‘ has sadly deserted me of late and both poor Rozettas are hidden away in bags in the storeroom.

At what point do you surrender a project you no longer love and ‘frog’ it? Thinking I might leave it another month before I make the decision, I may fall back in love with it. Rozetta is stunning, I’m just not enjoying the same same of the stitches. (Does that make sense?)

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