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Handmade = Memories

Another year almost gone and once more I’m lamenting on how fast it has gone.

The kids are growing up, next year we will have four adult children. Lilly will be driving me nuts, literally with her learners permit. And Michael will be in his last year at primary school.

Christmas for us is a family day, spent in PJs for the most part and we keep it simple. No fancy foods for me to stress about preparing. Mostly ham and salads and a few treats we love. Pavlova and trifle.

My family and friends will tell you I’m the Grinch. I’m not a fan of all the hype and excitement. The hyper commercialism. As a large family we’ve never been in the financial position to spoil the kids with a huge amount of expensive stuff. My kids can see that other kids get a lot more than they do, but I don’t think they really care much. Oh, fancy things are lovely but a loving home where you are fed, watered and safe is so much more important.

At heart I’m not someone who wants more. I’m pretty blessed with my lot in life. I’m loved, I have healthy kids, food on the table, a chaotic home and a yarn shop full of yarn. Really what more does anyone need?

The joys of Christmas for me are putting up the tattered Christmas tree that has done many years and will last one more hopefully. Unpacking the decorations handmade mostly by the kids over the years. The memories come flying back of past Christmases the people and places we were when the decorations were made. The ones made in the Tennant Creek Library, simple round pieces of paper coloured in by the kids and laminated. The conversations start with do you remember?

The Santa sacks I made years ago and the kids decorated with fabric crayons. And they are still in use, even with the three adult children.

Handmade is never cheap. It is invested with time, memories and most importantly love.

Handmade Christmas Stockings will get years of use.

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