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Super Quick Cowl


Abbreviations – Australian Crochet Terms

  • St – stitch
  • ch – chain
  • Tr – treble
  • V St – work (1treble, 1chain 1 treble), in same stitch



Make 20 chains loosely

Row 1 –  Working in ch, miss 4 chs, 1tr in next ch, * skip 2ch, [1tr, 1ch,1 tr]in next chain) repeat from * to end (6 V sts) Turn

Row 2    4 ch, 1 tr in centre of first V st , (1tr, 1ch, 1 tr) in the center of each V st.

Repeat row 2 until finished. 

Change colours as each ball finishes.

Sew together short ends to form loop

Sew in ends.


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