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  • k – knit
  • p-purl
  • kfb – knit front and back into the stitch to increase
  • rnd – round
  • sts – stitches
  • k2tog – knit 2 stitches together
  • (….) repeats


Cast on 4sts in stockings colour and work Icord for 20 cms

Break yarn and sew end though stitches and gather. Sew in ends and tie knots either end of the Icord to form the feet


Cast on 32sts in the dress colour, join in the round. Leave a long end.

Rnd 1 Purl

Rnd 2 – 8 knit

Rnd 9 ( k6, k2tog) repeat around, decrease of 4 Sts (28sts)

Rnd 10 – 16 knit

Rnd 17 (k5, k2tog) repeat around (24sts)

Knit until dress measures 8cms from cast on change to skin colour leaving a long tail of the dress yarn.


Knit 10 rounds in skin color, change to hat colour.


Rnd 1 – knit

Rnd 2 purl

Rnd 3 &4 knit

Rnd 5 (k4, k2tog) repeat around (20sts)

Rnd 6, 7 and 8 knit

Rnd 9 (k3, k2tog) repeat around (16sts)

Rnd 10, 11 and 12 knit

Round 13 (k2, k2tog) repeat around (12sts)

Rnd 14 &15 knit

Rnd 16 (k1, k2tog) repeat around  (8sts)

Rnd 17 and 18 knit

Rnd 19 (k2tog) around (4sts)

Rnd 20 knit

Break yarn and thread though stitches to secure. Sew in end.

Stuff hat and head, using a running stitch and long end left of dress yarn gather neck and secure.

Stuff body.

Sew across base of body catching in the Icord folded in half to create the two legs.

Sew through body at sides to form arms

Hat Brim

Pick up and knit the purl bumps on hat, with point of hat towards you.

Rnd 1, (k1 kfb) around

Rnd 2 knit

Rnd 3 (k2, kfb) around 

Cast off the brim. Sew in ends

Add  3 lengths of yarn doubled using a crochet hook to create hair

Embroider face. Add eyes in black and stitch nose in skin colour.


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