String Bags – Saturday February 2nd from 1pm

I’m trying another approach to the workshops and classes this year. Starting in February, every first Saturday of the month from 1pm, will be a crochet afternoon. For beginners to those with advanced skills. More of a social come & play and learn from each other, rather than a formal class. I’m hoping to develop a once a month crochet gathering, with the sharing of skills around a common project.

After a conversation at Knit Night a decision was made to make the first Crochet gathering to be market bags. 

I make my bags, out of my head. I make a circle for the base, then I work the sides of the bag with chain loops and slip stitches. I finish the top of the bag with a few rounds of double crochet. Sometimes I work the handle into the top rounds and other times I add the handles separate. I will write down my recipe (or is that pattern) for the group. The lovely thing about crochet is it is very fudgeable. Those of us who have a hard time keeping to a pattern can very easily get away with a few extra or less stitches. If you have a way youwould like to share bring along your samples and ideas, I’d love to learn how you make yours.

If my fast and loose methods are not to your taste here are a few FREE patterns I have found that you may want to try:

Mavis String Bag – You Tube Tutorial


The Old Fashion String Bag – By Leslie Lewis


Zero Waste Kitchen: Crochet Produce Bag

Crochet Shopping bag – From Your Family, this one is very much like the recipe I use

The beginners crochet market bag – Ravelry download


The String Tote Pattern – has a clever pocket created to fold it into for storage.


The Tuck away Tote from Crochet World also features a pocket to fold the bag into


The Mum market bag by Traditionally Emily features a rather gorgoreous flower motif for the base. Very tempted to try this one myself.


The Crochet afternoons will start at 1pm which is an hour before Zest closes, if you would like to grab a coffee. I offer these groups for free on the understanding that you have purchased something from the shop, yarn or a hook. I’m not going to set a minimum, I do know how hard it is for many of us. Support your local yarn shop and I will support you back.

If you have a pattern to share, please post it to the comments below or over in the FACEBOOK Group

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