On The Buses – Free Garter Rib Beanie Pattern

Everyone seems to love a Boring Blokes Beanie, but as a knitter they can be very boring to make over and over again. And as the BBB is one of my biggest selling beanies I need some variety to keep me enthused to knit them.

This hat is worked from the brim up, in the round. No seams needed.


My gauge for the finished hat was 20st X 38 row over the garter rib pattern, washed and blocked


Medium: circumference 50cm (19.5”) unstretched. Fits head circumference 56cm (22”) Length 23cms, allows turn up of 3 to 4 cms

Size can be adjusted by adding or subtracting 5 sts from the cast on edge and adjusting the length knit prior to the reduction for the crown


Yarn: 100gms 8 ply Yarn – I used Country 8ply by Cleckheaton

Needles: 40cm 4mm circular needles, set of four 4 mm double point needles for reducing the crown


sts – sts

p – purl

k – knit

k2tog – knit two stitches together

instructions in brackets (….) are repeated

Rnd – Round


Cast on 100 sts, join in the round being careful not to twist. Place a stitch marker to mark the beginning of round.

Rnd 1 : knit

Rnd 2: (p4,k1) repeat to end

Repeat Rnds 1 and 2 until 18cm is worked, or longer for a deeper turn up.

Reduce crown (switch to double point needles when required)

Rnd 1 (k3, k2tog)

Rnd 2 (p3, k1) repeat to end

Rnd 3 knit

Rnd 4 (p3, k1)

Rnd 5 knit

Rnd 6 (p3, k1)

Rnd 7 (k2 k2tog)

Rnd 8 (p2, k1)

Rnd 9 k

Rnd 10 (p2. K1)

Rnd 11 k

Rnd 12 (p2,K1)

Rnd 13 (k1, k2tog)

Rnd14 (p1,k1)

Rnd 15 k

Rnd 16 (p1,k1)

Rnd 17 (k2tog)

Rnd 18 knit

Rnd 19 (k2tog)

Break yarn leaving a 30cm tail. Thread tail through live stitches, pull to close top of hat. Secure by threading through a couple more times.

Sew ends in securely.

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