The BBB (The beautiful, boy, beanie)

89486950-2490-4101-A01F-8AD5F223D858Designed for my conservative men. This is a blokes beanie with a little more interest in the pattern than a 2×2 rib, to keep us knitters engaged. The pattern was adapted into the round from the Mon Tricot dictionary. A lovely old book I found in an op shop years ago, it was well worn when I got it and now even more so!

This beanie dose not have a turned up brim, nor does it suit one as the pattern is not

Knit in dull colours this will be a sure fire winner with your bloke too


K – Knit, P – Purl, K2tog – Knit two together SSK slip, slip, knit those two stitches together
St(s) – Stitch, stitches

8ply/DK/ light worsted yarn
I’ve knitted a couple of these with my handspun.

My gauge on unstretched fabric was 4 sts per inch on 4.5mm needles.
Knit for gauge, by knitting a couple of inches of the hat then check to see this will fit a head.

A moss stitch rib doesn’t have the same elasticity as a 2 x2 rib.
There is some stretch in this hat. The width of hat is 20cm (8 inches) unstretched in the teen size.  To change the size, change the number of stitches cast on, for the pattern to work the cast on number must be a multiple of 4. Increasing the length will also alter the size.

Needles etc…
4.5mm, 40 cm circulars or your preferred needles for knitting in the round.
A Stitch marker for marking beginning of round.

For a smooth join I like to cast on one extra stitch and knit this together with the first stitch of the round. Instructions for round 1 are written in this way.


Starting at brim-
Cast on 85 st (teen) 93st (medium) 97 (large) slip last stitch onto left needle.
Place beginning of round marker on right needle.

Round 1 k2tog, k2, p1, (k3,p1) repeat () to end of round (84 sts)

Round 2 (k2,p1,k1) to end of round
Round 3. (k3,p1) to end of round

Repeat rounds 2 and 3 until hat measures 20 cm (8 inches) or length desired from cast on.

Shape top
Note: as number of stitches decrease switch to double pointed needles, or magic loop method

Round 1 (K2, p2tog) repeat to end (63 sts)
Round 2 Knit, to end
Round 3 (K2tog, p1) repeat to end(42 sts)
Round 4 knit, to end
Round 5 ssk, to end (21 sts)

Continue to ssk, until 6 sts remain.

Break yarn.
Thread yarn through remaining stitches pull to tighten and thread end to inside of hat, secure by running thread through gathered stitches then weaving in end.

Weave in beginning yarn.


Wash in wool wash and lay flat to dry.
Don’t skip the finishing. It evens out the stitching, giving a more professional look to your work. When selling your work you need to ensure the item survives washing!

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